Corporation Evaluation

HLB Kuwait have the experience and necessary skills to evaluate the company for the object of Amalgamation / Consolidation, Sales, Purchases and Entry to Kuwait stock markets.

In this field we provide consulting service related to amalgamations. Consolidation or the purchase with another company and such operation requires deep study of the following points:

1. Analysis of the market and company’s clientele which is the subject of the investigation.

2. Investigation of the clientele element of the company’s product

3. Investigation of the strategic aspect of the company which is the subject

of the operation elements.

4. Studying the process of marketing, planning and management.

5. Studying the cash flow, the capital and profit.

6. Studying force and competitive products in the market.

7. Studying the accounting polices related to depreciation, debts allocation, evaluation of the inventory and other operational activities by the company.

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