Risk Management & Fraud Prevention

We conduct detailed fraud ‘health check’ on businesses. This increases awareness of potential fraud and identifies areas most at risk. These are reviewed in depth. The design of a formal corporate policy covering the reporting and handling of fraud cases is part of the service.

Due Diligence, Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Many disputes have a financial dimension that leads to litigation. For example, loss of profits, business interruption, partnership and shareholder disputes, disposals, personal injury, fraud. HLB Kuwaiti Accountant Auditing specialists help bring prompt settlements, ensuring savings in professional fees and management time.

Internal audits not only uncover weaknesses in accounting procedures, they can be an independent assessment of all management systems – from strategic and business planning, personnel selection and monitoring, organizational structures, computer system reviews to marketing functions. HLB International also assesses company performances against relevant indicators. Overall, performance assessment and correct management reporting ensure maximum efficiency.

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