Evaluation of the information systems

We have acquired consultancy experience in the evaluation of information system and conducting studies in computers and information systems.

Inspection method of upgrading and improving their technical performance for the objectives and purpose and profitability or set up proper systems which can meet the requirement of the company and studying the effectiveness of the applied system, in addition to the planning process and management of the information systems, besides to providing consultation related to the requirement of the customers from software and hardware and systems and to ensure operating the system with the required efficiency and development of the software to meet the requirement of the accounting systems.

Large organization, listed companies and Kuwait investment firms must apply the Corporate Governance Code. Other companies also choose to apply it. A crucial element of corporate governance is the internal audit function.

Our firm has the expertise and know-how to assist any company to set up and organize its internal audit department. We can undertake to set up its structure and design its procedure and reports.

Additionally, HLB Kuwaiti Accountant Auditing is licensed to act as internal auditors for Kuwait Investment Firms. We provide our clients in the field with professional services in compliance with the Stock Exchange Regulations

These ensure that the business is making best use of resources. A VFM audit may result in substantial savings.

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